Our Ambassadors

Sarah Douglas (Ambassador)

My father was diagnosed with IPF in December 2012 after being misdiagnosed for over a year . Since Dad’s death, we have made it our legacy to him to help raise awareness, as well as fundraising . We reach out to all those affected by pulmonary fibrosis ,we do not want anyone going through what we did alone . We started the hashtag #ipffamily , #pffamily because we believe that all those affected by pulmonary fibrosis are a family and we are in this together.

Ryan White (Ambassador)

I lost my Dad to IPF in August 2018. After his diagnosis we were left confused and overwhelmed about what the future held and had many unanswered questions.
My aim as an ambassador of the Trust is to provide support to other carers and sufferers; and to raise as much awareness as possible about this disease.

Jessica Sharp (Ambassador)

I became an ambassador for the Trust in 2014 following the loss of my uncle Pip to IPF the same year.In his memory, I organise an annual event “Picnic in the Park” in my home town in East Yorkshire to raise awareness and funds for the trust. It is a wonderful day where the community get together. I have met so many people and made new friendships that I am very grateful for. This year I am organising a charity ball for the Trust along with 5 local ladies who have also lost someone to IPF. I may have lost a loved one to this horrible disease, however becoming an ambassador for the Trust has changed my life in so many ways which I am grateful for.

Sophie Dodd (Ambassador)

I am a nurse based in Southampton, I lost my dad aged 52 to IPF in March 2017. Looking back there are many things we should have spoken about to understand what this horrible disease meant for him and for us so I would like to be able to use this experience to help other patients and families in this situation. I am happy to do anything that may help anyone; to point in the direction of services, be on the end of the phone, help locally with day to day tasks, transport for hospital appointments, dog walking and anything in between!