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Life in Lockdown

15 July, 2020

Bethan’s Story: Life in Lockdown Like all with a serious lung condition, I received the government shielding letter at the... View Article

Alex and Gail

2 June, 2020

Alex Rastin sadly lost her mum Gail, to IPF in February 2019. Gail’s diagnosis was given just 8 months before... View Article

Ernie and Son

28 April, 2020

This amazing gentleman (Ernie), his son (Jason), and two grandsons (Bradley and Charlie), have shaved off their hair to raise... View Article

#LungstoLive Appeal

8 April, 2020

With the cancellation and postponement of fundraising events, restrictions on funeral attendances and the overall impact of lockdown, the Pulmonary... View Article

Wendy’s Run

7 April, 2020

Despite not being able to run the official Bath Half Marathon as planned due to early concerns over COVID-19, Wendy... View Article

Amber’s Fundraising

31 March, 2020

After suddenly losing her mum to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in January 2018, Amber Blackwell signed herself up for the Deal... View Article

Nick Runs America

13 February, 2020

“I was deliberately hit at 50mph by a pickup truck on US Highway 40. The driver did not stop and... View Article


20 January, 2020

Peter Bryce will be live on SG1 internet radio again today at 12pm to discuss our caravan and the determination... View Article