Julie’s half at Bath for her dad!

Julie is running the Bath half marathon on October 15th to raise awareness of pulmonary fibrosis and funds for the PF Trust. She told us that her wonderful dad is 91 years old, and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis 4 years ago.

He is now very weak, reliant on oxygen and Julie wanted to do something which may help in the future, raising sponsorship by running the half marathon.

Although Julie is a social cyclist, she does not run, and took on the half marathon as a personal challenge. In April this year she was struggling to jog 3 miles as part of her training, yet she sees her father gasping for breathe every day, and feels that running a half marathon should be easy compared to what people living with pulmonary fibrosis have to endure.

Julie has already raised an amazing £714, and is so close to reaching her target amount of £1,000! Read more on Julie’s story here.

Julie’s half at Bath for her dad!

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