Dave’s tribute to his angel, Jane

Dave Clarke sadly lost his wife Jane to pulmonary fibrosis last year. To honour her memory he held a charity night which was a huge success and attended by friends and family. As a result of the raffle, Dave has donated an amazing sum of £3,655 and with Gift Aid this brings the total to £4,569. Thank you so much to Dave and all who donated!

Read more on Dave and Jane’s story below, which Dave kindly sent to us.

My wife Jane lost a step brother (Alan 59) and another brother (Paul 51) to Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Despite being told its not hereditary, Jane was diagnosed in 2019 and given 3-5 years life expectancy.

During 2019 and 2020 she was not greatly affected by her diagnosis, however in 2021 she had two spells in University College London Hospital due to chest infections. These infections massively reduced her lung capacity and she became very much reliant on oxygen and had two machines to help her breath; I also had a stairlift fitted.

She bravely fought every day and her positive attitude shone through. I managed to look after her at home (with the help of the palliative and district nurses) until 10th May 22 when she was admitted to The Margaret Centre (Hospice) at Whipps Cross Hospital.

Jane was very well looked after by the most caring of nurses and I was with her when she sadly passed away in the early hours of Saturday 4th June 2022.

Such was my angel Jane’s popularity, nearly 200 attended the funeral and the generosity of all these friends and family enabled me to raise the £9k.

Jane was such a kind, caring, funny and thoughtful person that she touched the hearts of all who knew her.

It is now the wish of many of Jane’s close family and friends to hold a gala charity evening in her memory and support the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust. We will be having a raffle and auction to raise as much money and awareness for the charity.

Dave Clarke (second in on the left) surrounded by friends and family.

Dave’s tribute to his angel, Jane

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