450 miles in April

Thank you so much to Max and his colleagues at Santander for choosing our charity to fundraise for throughout Q2 of 2023. They raised an incredible £400 which we cannot thank them enough. The support and awareness shown by Max and Santander is amazing, and an honour to be picked as a charity to fundraise for.

I work within the Cambridge branch of Santander, where we choose a charity each quarter to raise funds for. We would like to raise funds for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust throughout Q2 of 2023, as yours is a cause very close to my family following support that you gave to my grandfather, Graham Moore, last year. Your support quite literally transformed the last few months that we had with him, and I’d love to be able to raise some money and give back.

I have the whole branch team on board for Q2, and we’ll be kicking this off in April with a sponsored challenge to cover 450 miles on foot (walking or running) between the 7 of us that can commit the time. Previous fundraisers such as this have been very successful and I’m hoping to recreate that!

Max Moore-Chandler

450 miles in April

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