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John’s story

16 July, 2021

“I was diagnosed with IPF in April 2017. At first the disease progressed relatively slowly, but in the last 14 months my health has deteriorated substantially.

I wasn’t aware at first of the support and help available from the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust and other support groups, and only really became involved with them this year, and I have found them to be a massive source of comfort and support, as well as information on this awful disease. Just being aware of other people going through the same thing has helped a great deal, and the encouragement and love I have received from other members has made life more bearable.

“source of comfort and support”

It was only through reading the Trust’s Facebook page I became aware of the practical help they can give as well as the emotional support, and I am lucky to have received funding from the Trust for a longer life 16 cell battery for my portable oxygen converter, meaning that I can get out of the flat for more than an hour at a time, which will greatly improve my quality of life.”