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In memory of Trevor

24 March, 2021

Written by Jenny Wilson in loving memory of Trevor Wilson

Trevor was born 18th June 1938 in Leeds, the only child of Dorothy and Edwin Wilson.

At the age of three years old Trevor was sent to Wales to an uncle. He stayed there until after the war, during which time his parents divorced. He always said he loved his time down there, and when the time came to return, he did not want to come back. His memories were of going to work with his uncle on a farm. He used to tell me about haymaking, farming the animals, and he learned to drive a tractor there too.

A few years ago, when we were holidaying in Anglesey, we had a trip down memory Lane and located his old school and house where he stayed. Unfortunately, contact was lost with his uncle after Trever returned to Leeds.

As a teenager he joined Armley Social Cycle Club where he made many friends.  They cycled all over Britain together and Trevor particularly liked the Lake District, where he took me many times.  He requested for his ashes to be scattered at the top of Gummers Hill overlooking Lake Windermere.

Trevor started his working life as an apprentice electrician, and because of this, his national service was deferred.  He was in fact, one of the last people to do it and his last posting was in Malta. It was just after he came home that I met him; a bronzed, blond handsome lad at the Mecca in Leeds.

We married in 1965 at Bingley Parish Church (my hometown until I was 17) and had two girls; Helen in 1967 and Rachel in 1968, and completed the family over the years with boxer dogs.  We now also have four grandchildren and two great grandchildren one of whom (Will) we looked after two days a week until he was age four. We had many good times with him. He could never say grandad and called Trevor ‘GangGang’ which has stuck ever since. Trevor was very proud of his two daughters, even if he didn’t voice it very often.

Trevor was not the easiest person to get to know and had a very dry sense of humour which you had to know to appreciate.

Trevor’s hobbies were all outdoor ones, walking, gardening and golfing. When he could he enjoyed a game of golf and joined the South Leeds Golf Club. He played golf with his friend Derek up to a year ago, but the pace and game became slower to match their fitness.

Trevor never complained about his health, although he had a chest complaint for many years with a persistent cough which bothered him. When he was in his 50’s we were travelling from Cornwall, and he asked me to drive back, saying he felt a bit under the weather. When we got home, we visited the doctor, as he had some chest pain. That afternoon he was admitted to hospital and had a triple heart bypass the following day.

Another time we were in Spain, and he suffered severe chest pain one night, so we flew back as soon as we could, and went straight to LGI, where he had stents put in. His heart gave him no further problems, but his cough got worse, and he was diagnosed with stable pulmonary fibrosis as long as 10 years ago. In his later career, Trevor worked as an industrial burner service engineer which brought him into a lot of dust every day. It’s possible that this contributed to his pulmonary fibrosis in later life.

Three years ago, we were told the pulmonary fibrosis was severe and was terminal, with no treatment to prevent it. He needed oxygen for the last year of his life, it was difficult to go out as the oxygen was heavy and wouldn’t last long. Eventually Trevor was unable to walk further than around the house and was very fatigued. Although he was bored, you rarely heard him complain.

I would like to end by saying thankyou to everyone who has supported us in the last few weeks of his life, especially Alison our neighbour, who contacted us every day to see if we were OK, did our shopping and even fed us. She always had a word with Trevor and he really enjoyed their banter.

Rest in Peace Trevor, I will miss you.

Jenny Wilson