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Stephen’s Journey

11 February, 2021

Stephen Henstridge suffered with IPF for almost five years until he was offered the life-line of a double lung transplant.

The transplant took place on the 26th September 2019 at the Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. There were complications during the operation; Stephen’s heart failed, he had a bleed, he was in a coma for six days and in critical care for nineteen days. Stephen’s wife, Jackie, prepared herself for the worst.

Thankfully, Stephen pulled through but faced a challenging road to recovery. It was during this time that Jackie turned to the PF Trust for support and we were pleased to be able to help them.

Stephen has now gone on to write a book ‘Not Time to Turn Out the Lights’ copies of which can be purchased via:

Riverside Publishing Solutions

Kindle version from Amazon

Proceeds are being split between the Royal Papworth Hospital and the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust.

Foreword by Christine Harding
I was the first to read Steve’s transplant story because I typed it for him. Stephen asked me to read it first before typing it out for him. Even though I had known him for a long time as I am a friend of his wife Jackie, you don’t really know the “inner person”. To be privy to his innermost thoughts was a real privilege. I think for a man to be so in touch with his emotions is a wonderful thing. I cried and laughed whilst reading his story. It was a real honour to be able to do this small thing for him.

The following are two 5 star reviews on Amazon
‘A truly moving and emotional account of Steve’s journey. For the first time ever, I now have some small inkling of the courage and bravery of live transplant patients. You hear about transplants and marvel about the miracle of science but you never actually know anything about what the recipient of the donor gift has to go through. This is a lovely down-to-earth account which really touched me. I wish Steve a very long and happy life’

‘What an inspiring story from an incredibly strong yet humble man. Wishing you a healthy future Stephen. Thoughts also with the donor family, may all donor families read this and see how their gift has changed lives and how their loved ones live on in others’.