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A Flying Leap

11 February, 2021

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust is registered with Skyline Events for anyone wishing to raise funds through the thrill of a tandem skydive.

Despite the current lockdown, bookings can still be made and Skyline are planning for skydiving activities to resume (hopefully in March) once the current restrictions are eased. This date, and the latest Government advice will be kept under constant review by Skyline who will remain in communication with supporters.

To book your skydive experience click here.

Our Ambassador Alex Rastin, writes about her experience of tandem skydiving at Langar Airfield to raise funds and awareness for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust:

“A tandem skydive had been on my bucket list for a while but when my Mum died of IPF in February 2019 (just 8 months after her diagnosis), I decided to bite the bullet and take on the challenge to raise money for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust who had supported both my Mum and I following her diagnosis.

You have to understand that although it was on my bucket list, the thought of jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane terrified me. Note: I don’t like heights or flying! However, the fact I was doing it for the PF Trust and I had sponsorship waiting in the wings (pardon the pun!) meant that I had no choice but to jump. You will see in the photos that my very good friend joined me on this crazy journey.

The tandem jump was due to take place in July 2019, but you can always count on the good old British weather to scupper your plans. This time, we didn’t even make it to the airfield. We re-booked and again, the weather wasn’t kind to us and after arriving at the airfield with all of our supporters, the jump had to be postponed again. Then finally (third time lucky) on 17th September 2019, we finally got to clamber into the plane and jump out at 14,000 ft!

During the flight up to altitude, my anxieties and fear subsided as I found myself being drawn into the fun and banter that was taking place inside the plane. I felt at ease and was actually looking forward to getting out of the door.

Well what can I say about the jump other than it was the most incredible experience I have ever had! Freefalling at about 120 mph for around 50 seconds actually made me feel like I was flying!

The fun continued on the descent with my instructor doing crazy rollercoaster turns which were completely exhilarating. The views from up high were also absolutely breath-taking and when we touched down, I was buzzing and ready to go again. Believe it or not, I have now taken up skydiving as a hobby . . . I really do love it!

If there is even just a small part of you that wants to skydive, you should definitely do it. Be prepared for disappointment (or relief) as you may not get a chance to jump when planned but it really is the most amazing experience. The fact that you are doing it to support the work of the PF Trust makes the experience even more amazing.

See you in the sky sometime!”