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Rhodri’s Story

4 December, 2020

“My father passed away four years ago after battling Pulmonary fibrosis for a number of years . As a family we all supported as best we could as we struggled to come to terms with the condition and its impact on our father.

He was a Civil Engineer who prided himself with problem solving and sorting things out logically and with minimum fuss. He was the rock and provider of the family. This was one project however which logic could not solve.

In the summer before he passed, I completed an Ironman 70.3 race in Jonkoping Sweden and was very proud to bring the medal back to show my father.

When COVID emerged during the early months of 2020, reports of lung scarring in COVID patients as they rehabilitate and recover, hit a real chord with me after what was clearly a parallel to PF.

So this summer I set my sights on replicating the same Ironman 70.3 distance closer to home in Porthcawl, South Wales completing a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile half marathon finish raising £1,400 for the PF Trust which made it a worthwhile challenge.

I now work as a Community Navigator in Bridgend, South Wales which means I connect people who are isolated and disadvantaged with primary and third sector support whatever the needs of the individual requires. In COVID this has been food, prescription and mental health support.

Part of my role is connecting people coming out of Ysbyty Seren (Star Hospital) in Bridgend which provides a rehabilitation facility of over 100 beds where patients recover post COVID with activities ranging from art classes to physiotherapy. I will then connect them back into community activities as they finally recover from home.

Most activities are online at present but that will hopefully change with the news of a vaccine.

In my small way I hope that I have contributed to the PF Trust and wish everyone a good Christmas and a post COVID Happy New Year!!”