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A Random Act of Kindness

13 November, 2020

On a quiet country lane in North Wales, a car pulled over to let another car pass by in the opposite direction.  Subsequently the car wheels had sunk into deep mud and water and was well and truly stuck.

After being unaided by several passersby, another car drove past, stopped, and a couple got out to help.

With zero phone signal, a farm two miles away (whose owner was shielding with a landline not working properly), and a hotel two miles away, the couple drove to the hotel to call the AA for help.

The couple waited at the hotel until arrangements were made and using their local knowledge, directed the tow truck back to the lane.  This took two and a half hours.

In conversation, the gentleman of the couple mentioned he had pulmonary fibrosis.  The stranded person went on to make a donation to the PF Trust and will be forever grateful to the couple for coming to the rescue that day.