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Alex and Gail

2 June, 2020

Alex Rastin sadly lost her mum Gail, to IPF in February 2019. Gail’s diagnosis was given just 8 months before she passed away, and after she had been misdiagnosed for 6 months.

Alex had never heard of IPF and was shocked to find out how serious the condition was. She turned to the PFTrust for help and we were delighted to be able to provide Gail with a mobility scooter and a longer lasting battery for her oxygen concentrator, as well as vital emotional support. This support enabled Gail to regain some confidence and independence.

Since her mum passed away, Alex has embarked on a fundraising and awareness raising mission in her local community and says “It is so important that people are aware of this condition, so that they can flag it with healthcare professionals and maybe bring about an earlier diagnosis. That is my hope.”

Alex has now taken on a new fundraising venture and this Saturday (6th June) will be climbing the 3 Yorkshire Peaks with her friend, Maria. It generally takes around 12 hours to complete but they are aiming to achieve the climbs in well under that time.

To read Alex’s full story, or to make a donation, please visit their go fund me page.

Good luck Alex and Maria and thanks for your amazing support!