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Ernie and Son

28 April, 2020

This amazing gentleman (Ernie), his son (Jason), and two grandsons (Bradley and Charlie), have shaved off their hair to raise money for the PFTrust!

Ernie was recently diagnosed with advanced pulmonary fibrosis and has sadly been given only a few months to live. Ernie recently said: “I am not going to let this get me down, I have had tremendous support from my family and friends, and not forgetting the palliative care nurses at St Luke’s Hospice.”

Ernie’s fundraising all began when his grandson, Bradley, wanted his hair cut. Ernie’s son, Jason, offered to do it for him using the home clippers after which, Bradley added the photo to his Facebook page. Following support and encouragement from Bradley’s friends, Jason then had his hair shaved off followed by young Charlie and then Ernie too! They have so far raised just over £400 for the PFTrust.

We send a huge, heartfelt thank you out to Ernie and his family for this wonderful effort in support of the PFTrust. Thank you!