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Research is so important to us

There is a great deal of medical research being conducted by the pharmaceutical and research companies into causes and cures for pulmonary fibrosis. As a small trust we do not try to get involved in that area, but we will make people and carers aware of opportunities to contribute to that research.

We do get involved in research projects that affect how people can cope with the effects of Pulmonary Fibrosis. An example of this is a project aimed at improving the pulmonary rehabilitation course offered to people suffering with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Other areas that we feel need more research are:-

• Improvements into portable oxygen concentrators to enable more people to live a more active life.
• Improvements into monitoring of vital signs for people suffering from pulmonary fibrosis so that people and medics can learn more about the various episodes that affect people.

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As part of the research into Pulmonary Rehabilitation we are conducting a number of surveys into person experiences of Pulmonary Rehab. For more info please contact


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